Planning on hunting deer? Start off with these guns.

For gun enthusiasts, hunting is an excellent way for you to hone your aiming, firing and preparation skills. Deer are a popular target for hunters because they offer the perfect balance between convenience, safety and a challenge for the hunter. 

There are many different types of guns that can be used for hunting game. However, to be successful with deer, you need a firearm that will get the job done. It needs to be powerful, accurate and easy to use as you pursue your target. If you're new to hunting deer, the following types of guns can serve as a convenient starting point.

.22 Caliber Rifles

As a newcomer to firearm hunting, a .22 caliber rifle is a must have. It's the easiest and most convenient rifle to use as you get familiar with how to properly aim and hit your intended target. .22 rifles have a low amount of noise when fired, the recoil is minimal, and you don't have to spend days looking for ammunition.

If you're graduating from regular handgun use and want to start using rifles, .22 calibers offer the most suitable learning curve. You can start with target practice on shooting ranges until you gain the confidence of handling these on the hunting ground. These rifles are powerful enough to take down a deer with a single shot.

Remington Shotguns

The Remington line of shotguns is another powerful, yet easy-to-use firearm. Remington rifles come in many different gauges and ammunition capacities, but they can easily take down game when you fire accurately. If you plan on closely approaching game, these rifles can work well in close range firing without compromising on accuracy.

Popular models such as the Remington 870 have become a staple for hunting. They are even effective in different environments such as swamps, mud or when hunting in water. And with competitive pricing and ease of availability, beginners can't go wrong with the Remington shotguns.


Rifle scopes are excellent for long range shooting. They are equipped with scoping equipment that act similar to sniper rifles used in real battlefields. A 7mm scope works best for deer hunting because it allows you to zoom in more accurately on the target.

Remington rifle scopes, especially the .3 caliber selections, are easy to use and their ammunition is readily available. This makes them an excellent choice because you'll probably use more ammunition during the early days of target practice.

Visit local gun shops for more information about the best equipment for deer hunting.