Why A Concrete-Based, Cushioned Surface Is the Best Choice for Your Family's Tennis Court

As tennis became more adapted for younger age groups over the decades, it rose to become one of the most popular home sports for families. However, as kid-friendly as the game had become, not all courts are ideal for young players, which is why so many families with children struggle with when it comes to picking the perfect surface. But when you factor in all the pros and cons of each surface when it comes to children, the answer becomes clear: a multi-layered, concrete-based, cushioned surface with a full-depth resilience is perfect for your family, especially for your kids. Here's why.

1. It's low-maintenance

With the base of the court made from concrete, this surface requires very little maintenance, ensuring you don't have to take too much time out of your busy family schedule to keep it in good shape. The most you need to do is sweep the court once a week to make sure any dirt is taken care of (which is a perfect new chore to add to your kids' chore wheel). Deeper cleaning is not necessary, but pressure washing once a year won't hurt. And the best part is that re-surfacing is only required once every five years or so.

2. It's resilient

Kids can be clumsy, especially when playing sports. A cushioned tennis court helps soften any falls, minimising the risk of injury during tennis games. Of course, with this type of surface, your children are also less likely to slip and fall. The porous concrete surface allows water to flow through it, making it very hard for water puddles to accumulate even after rain. This largely minimises the chance of your kids, or anyone else at home, skidding and slipping.

3. It's cheap

As a family with children to take care of, you'll usually be working with a much lower budget than a commercial tennis facility. So, a cheaper tennis court will always be ideal. A cushioned concrete-based tennis court is one of the cheaper options, especially when you factor in the lack of maintenance costs.

4. It's customisable

Concrete courts are easy to modify, as is the cushioning. As such, you can custom-fit the perfect court size for your backyard and your family's needs. The cushioning customisation is the real pro when it comes to kids, allowing you to find the perfect combination of ball speed and bounce height. These two aspects are essential when it comes to adopting a tennis court for players who are still learning the ropes.

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