What Type of Tennis Court Should You Get?

When choosing to build a tennis court you might think the hard part is finalising whether or not you are willing to spend the cash to make your dream come true, but that is actually the easy part. The tough part comes when you need to start making concrete choices about what style and type of tennis court you are going to have made. Tennis court construction is a varied and interesting procedure that you should think about for a while before making any final choices. Here are three key areas of tennis court construction to bear in mind.

1. Material

There are two popular types of material you can use to construct your tennis court: hard court or artificial grass. Hard courts have an acrylic surface that is very quick, smooth to run on and provides perhaps the most even and consistent bounce of any type in the world, including clay and grass courts that are far rarer in Australia. Artificial grass courts are easier to install, much softer on the joints while playing and generally cheaper as well. There is even bounce on artificial grass courts, but it is often not as strong as artificial materials because it has more give, which many people prefer.

2. Size

No law states you must get a full-sized tennis court, especially if you are just playing for fun or do not have the space to fit one in. Many people end up getting half-courts or courts that are scaled down to fit their needs. It is totally up to what you want and your specific scenario regarding the room in your backyard. Of course, it is always a good idea to talk to a tennis court construction company to get their view on how much space you have and what to do with it, but the final decision is always yours.

3. Multi-Purpose

If you have young kids or are active in multiple sports yourself and want a universal playing area, then why not get a multi-sport space instead of just a tennis court. You can find many companies willing to make detailed plans for a multi-sport court that includes things like netball, basketball, indoor soccer, tennis, badminton and even something unique like the exact markings of an indoor cricket field. If you install a roof over this outdoor area, then you can play and have fun trying your hand at a multitude of sports year-round!